Gary "The Mechanic"

Not the real Gaz just how he thinks people see him.

I am the mechanic within the family business and have in excess of 20 years experience in the motor trade as well as a passion for performance vehicles. I have worked in a handful of garages throughout my career, all being back street garages apart from a stint at one of the big car dealers which was not much fun.

I prefer the level of customer care and the variety of work that small independent garages can offer.

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Ian "The Businessman"

Ian is a lot happier in real life, honestly.

I am usually behind the scenes helping Gary run the business focusing on everything that does not involve cars and tools.

Having run my own business's since 1980 I am well versed in all aspects of 'being your own boss' and I believe by merging our skill sets, GI Motorsport provides the personal and informed service, that we ourselves would like to receive.

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Andy "The Other Mechanic"

Guido / Mechanic

With many years of Ford experience under his belt, Andy is a dedicated and highly valued member of our team.

Andy's passion for Fords has allowed us to offer a more bespoke service to those customers who have Focus ST's and RS's. Andy is also known for his speed and quickness by using electronic tools earning him the nick-name guido!

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